Lower Youth Development League

2024 YDL Lower campaign started in April with a WIN in Coventry - match report below

We travelled to the Coventry Athletic track for the first YDL League match of the season on a cold windy day, reminiscent of the Moulton Track.  The team put on an outstanding performance to finish the day in 1st place with a total score of 408 points, and second placed Saffron AC scoring 224 points.  We have the whole team of Parents, Officials, Coaches, and our amazing Athletes to thank for this exceptional result.

For many of our athletes, this was their first exposure to the YDL League format. This did not faze many, however, there were a few nerves for some new entrants. The nerves were quickly blown away after their first events and transformed to excitement with some very impressive performances. This excitement permeated through the whole team as the day progressed.

Positions after Round 1, NAC – 1st, Saffron AC – 2nd, Daventry AAC – 3rd, Leamington Cycling & AC – 4th, Nuneaton Harriers AC – 5th


Performance Highlights:

U15 Boys

Cameron won the Long Jump(A)(4.92m), 2nd in 100m(A)(12.8s)

Harry F won the Long Jump(B)(4.91m), close 2nd in the High Jump(A)(1.56m)

Gabriel M won the 1500m(B)(5m:36s), and Jude Nutt 2nd(A)(5m:08s)

Ewan H won the Shot Put (A) (7.29m)

William L won Discus (A) (15.98m) and Shot (B)(7.29m)


The boys finished the relay events in 2nd place:

4 x 100m – Harry F, Cameron, Joshua A, Ewan H – 57.2s

4 x 300m – Jamie T, Cameron, Ewan H, Jude N – 3m:05s


U15 Girls

Olivia W won 200m (B) 29.3s), and 100m (Ns B)(13.7s)

Leia Read won 100m (Ns A)(14.1s) Emma M won 800m (A)(2m:38s)

Maia H won 800m (B)(2m:45s) and 3rd in 300m(A)(48.8s). Exceptional performance for first competition

Eve Taylor won 1500m (5m:51s)(A)

Stephanie L won Long Jump (A)(4.24m) and Shot Put (B)(6.28m)  and 2nd place High Jump (A)(1.33m)

Peyton won Shot Put (A)(8.30m) and 2nd in Discus (A)(14.12)

Charlotte H won 75m Hurdles (B)(17.7), Bella F 2nd place 75m Hurdles (A)(16.3s) and 2nd place Hammer (A) (11.57m)


The girls were outstanding, winning both relay events:

4 x 100m – Olivia A, Olivia W, Leia R, Emilie-may – 56.6s

4 x 300m – Jemima, Maia H, Stephanie, Peyton – 3m:27s


U13 Boys

Matthew O won the 75m sprint (A)(10.3s), 150m sprint (A)(20.2s) and Long Jump (A)(4.20m)

Joshua B won the 75m sprint (B) 11.4s)

Seth S won the 75m sprint (Ns A)(11.6s)

Maximus won 75m sprint (Ns B)(11.4s), 150m sprint (B)(22.5s) and 2nd place Long Jump (B)(3.53m)

Lewis A won 800m (A)(3m:14s)

Oscar Thompson won 1200m (B)(4m:23s) and Oliver Groves finished 2nd in the A race in 4m:07s

Rowan M won the Shot (B)(3.53m) and Marley M threw 5.08m to finish 5th in the A event


The boys gave a stellar performance to win the 4 x 100m relay event.

4 x 100m – Maximus, Joshua B, Seth, Matthew O – 58.4s


U13 Girls

Alexis won the 75m sprint (A)(9.7s) and 150m (A)(19.7s) – Stunning performance

Hollie won the 75m sprint (B)(10.9s)

Channah won the 75m sprint (Ns A)(11.9s)

Anita won the 70m Hurdles (A)(16.0s) and 2nd place in 75m sprint (Ns B)(11.5s)

Grace F won the Javelin (A)(13.94m) and 70m Hurdles (B)(17.2s)

Daisy B finished joint 1st in High Jump (A)(1.05m) and won in Javelin (B)(8.57m)


The U13 Girls completely smashed the relay event.

4 x 100m Hollie S, Anita, Channah, Alexis – 58.3s



It was great to see some of our Development Group athletes progressing into the team and doing so well.  Special acknowledgements to Maia H (300m and 800m), Daisy B (High Jump and Javelin), Brooke W (800m), Emilie-May A and Joshua A, who stepped up into events they are completely new to. We saw lots of new PBs throughout the day, and a lot of very happy athletes.

The star athletes of this event are Matthew O and Alexis B who dominated their events. Stephanie L as always, a very solid performer, doing her job quietly.

We look forward to carrying the same energy and spirit to the next round in Nuneaton on 19th May 2024.

Finally, a huge thank you to everyone involved in making this match a success.

Very Proud Team Manager: Pere Raphael  💚🖤💛

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