Midlands XC Championships 25th January

Midlands XC Championships at Preston Hall 25th January

Nine athletes from Steve McGowan’s endurance group took part in the race. On an initial glance the course looked deceptively nice. But with multiple tree roots, deep puddles and sticky mud to navigate, the squad pulled off some impressive finishes that they should all be proud of.

U17 Men – 5km

Matt Blomley 26th 22.45

U13 Boys – 3km

U13 Lewis Robson 25th  10.12

U13 Benjamin Westmoreland-Alexander 27th 10.13

U15 Boys – 4km

Joshua Robson 83th  14.23

U17 women (L-R Isabelle Rippon, Holly Walker, Isobel Haynes, Elysia Lay)

U17 Women – 5km

Isabelle Rippon 30th 20.02

Elysia Lay 67th 23.06

Holly Walker 74th 24.55

Isobel Haynes 76th 26.27

Senior Men – 12km

Ed Wise – 136th  47.52