NAC Female Athletes show BBC Northampton how its done!

Our Track Superstars ahead of the BBC Radio Northampton Breakfast Show

Last week, coach Iain Drage received a call from BBC Radio Northampton asking if NAC would be interested in featuring on the breakfast show. Following the medalist success of the likes of Dina Asher-Smith & Katrina Johnson-Thompson at the IAAF World Championships in Doha, the station were keen to run a feature on women in athletics. We jumped at the chance to support our athletes and promote the club, and the interview featured on the Monday morning breakfast show, 7th October.

Sprinter Ava being interviewed by Tom

BBC Radio Northamptons Tom Percival visited our home at Moulton College, to have a chat with some of our fantastic females about Athletics, to hear their stories and to find out what keeps them in their sports. Tom began with interviewing sprinters Savannah and Ava about how they became involved in athletics and what their long term goals are.

Tom with Savannah

Whilst visiting, Tom also had a masterclass in throwing the Shot Put with Maia, Lily and coach Steve. Tom was handed a 6.25kg shot after having a demonstration from Maia. This weight implement is still 1kg less than that used in the exciting mens final in Doha on Saturday night. Saturdays final saw the top 3 men throwing almost 23metres. Tom threw a spectacular….4.15m with Lily continuing to throw 3x Toms effort. Girls, we think your records are safe!

Tom being schooled by Maia and Lily in the Shot

We also heard from Natalie and Eden, about how their athletics and passion for fitness has shaped their careers in qualifying as PT Instructors, and how their love for athletics has kept them involved in sports through their teenage years and beyond.

Natalie and Eden’s thoughts on athletics and beyond.

The interviews closed out with an exciting 100m sprint between Tom, Shanice, Savannah, Ava & Abi – some of NAC’s Fastest Females boasting a host of club & championship records. The girls got off to an incredible start, all holding on to their incredible pace to leave poor Tom standing. These Girls Can! Well, you know what they say…..its the taking part that counts!

Tom being schooled on the Track by NACs sprinters Abi, Savannah, Ava and Shanice

Thanks to BBC Radio Northampton for spending the morning with us at NAC. Thanks to our athletes Abi, Ava, Natalie, Eden, Savannah, Maia, Shanice & Lily for taking part in the interviews and events, as well as our coaches Iain, Dave, Steve, Mark and Eden.

Club Chairman Mark being interviewed.

You can hear the interviews on BBC Iplayer here

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